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Clean MasterSmartphones have become an essential part of our life. A smartphone allows us to do a tremendous amount of stuff just with a touch. It is therefore, people buy a smartphone through a thorough research. However, no matter what a new smartphone after certain duration starts lagging and this hinders with its performance. It is therefore, very important to optimize your Android smartphone from time to time. Clean Master v3.8.0 is an optimizing app which allows the users to boost the performance of their smartphone. Used by more than 10 million people from all around the world, Clean Master v3.8.0 is the most popular optimizing tool available out there. It increases both the performance and efficiency of your smartphone. If you are running out of space in your phone, Clean Master v3.8.0 can help you in making space in it by clearing junk and residual files and other unnecessary files. It also boost the RAM of your smartphone by just a single tap. Clean Master v3.8.0 is an essential app that you must have in your Android smartphone.

Apart from basic optimizing features, Clean Master v3.8.0 also provides the users with a photo vault which allow them to keep their photos safe from other people. The app also has an in-built antivirus that protects your phone from malware and other virus. It gives the users an extra layer of protection when they are operating their phone from a public Wi-Fi. In short, Clean Master v3.8.0 is a feature packed optimizing tool which you should have in your phone to keep it working like a new one. In this post, we will first discuss the features of Clean Master v3.8.0 and then we will tell you how you can download and install the app in your Android smartphone.

Features of Clean Master v3.8.0

Though an optimizing tool, Clean Master v3.8.0 is filled with many other features. Here is a list of all the features of the app.

  • It creates space on your smartphone by removing and cleaning cache, junk files and residuals files.
  • It has an in-built antivirus feature which protects your phone from virus and malware.
  • Gives you extra security when you are operating the phone from public Wi-Fi.
  • The photo vault features enables the users to hide photos.
  • Optimizes the Ram with a single link.
  • Increases the battery life of the phone.
  • Loading speed of the game is enhanced.
  • Prevents overcharging of phone.

Now that you know the features of Clean Master v3.8.0, let me tell you how you can download and install the app on your Android smartphone.

Download Clean Master v3.8.0

Follow the simple steps given below to download Clean Master v3.8.0 on your Android device.

  1. Go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download Clean Master v3.8.0
  3. Tap on the downloaded file.
  4. Open it and then tap on “Install”. Tapping on install will give all the necessary permissions to Clean Master v3.8.0
  5. Wait for the installation process to be completed.
  6. Tap on the app icon to launch Clean Master v3.8.0

You can now use Clean Master v3.8.0 app to boost the performance of your device.

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